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Brian Drummond
Brian is the AE Owner/Operator with 35+ years of auto/truck repair and maintenance as well as Drag Racing, Mud Truck racing. His passion is muscle cars and building performance motors/transmissions which has included complete performance cars and trucks.

Michelle Brantley
Michelle manages the Office Business, Writing Service orders, conducting estimates, and is a master at finding the parts you need. She has over 18 years of experience with automotive applications and customer relations. She is the "Heart" of the Automotive Engineering operation.

Bruce Oliver
Bruce is our Shop Manager and Technical Lead Mechanic. He is a Certified Technician with over 35 years of experience in domestic, foreign, and trucks. He's seen and worked on almost every car and truck where foreign or domestic. If it can be fixed, Bruce can fix it.

Jesse McCoy
Jesse is the newest Team Member at Automotive Engineering. Jesse writes estimates and repair orders with a smile and excitement. We appreciate having her in office.

Shane Grant
Shane served in the US Army as a mechanic in Iraq. Thank you for your service.

Michael Drummond
Michael has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been working on cars and trucks including performance and racing applications since he was very young. His Engineering background and experience make him a valuable member of the AE Team.

Jay Hughes
Jay is a Certified Welder and serves at AE as a part-time mechanic with many years of experience working with repairs, big trucks, and custom applications. TIG, MIG, and conventional welding of anything and everything.


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